SHABA have extensive expertise and experience in using various green building accreditation tools throughout the African continent. Through our extensive knowledge base we have assisted various African countries in starting up and growing their own National green building councils including countries like Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Our extensive green building portfolio allows us to tailor a solutions for each individual building to maximise energy management and sustainability. This includes selecting the right accreditation tool to maximise exposure to green techniques and value adding to our client’s bottom line. Our current portfolio of accreditation tools includes GreenStar, LEED and EDGE accreditations.




GreenStar is a green building accreditation tool designed by the
Green Building Council of Australia and adopted by the Green Building
Council of South Africa with local context. The tool includes obtaining
accreditation for areas such as Innovation, Energy, Water and Materials.
SHABA has extensive experience in the use of Green Star accreditation
and have participated in several high projects throughout South Africa
where this tool has been utilised successfully.





Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a third-party
certification program developed by the USGBC which is a highly rated
green building tool and used world-wide. It is an internationally accepted
green building tool for design, operation and construction of high
performance green buildings including homes and neighbourhoods.
We are one of a select few consulting firms in South Africa that has the
necessary qualifications and experience in using LEED accreditation’s.





EDGE is a recent addition to the green building accreditation tools and
offers an online tool created by the World Bank to assist developers
and home owners to maximise efficiency in their buildings by reducing
energy usage, water use and by lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
Although relatively new, EDGE certifications are gaining market traction
due to its ease of use and thus popularity amongst users.