Our mechanical engineering portfolio covers a large selection of typical mechanical engineering building services but always with the aim of minimising environmental impact and maximising energy management and sustainability.

Our expertise includes having designed one of the largest solar hot water generation systems in Africa. We also pride ourselves on the innovation in our designs to maximise energy usage like

designing a seawater cooled air conditioning system for a high rise office building based in a waterfront area and on a separate occasion designing a lake water cooled air conditioning systems for a high rise office building next to an open lake area.

• HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems)
• Hot Water Generation Plants (incl Solar and Heatpump)
• Kitchen Systems
• Security Systems
• Cold and Freezer Rooms
• Lifts and Vertical Transportation
• Wet Services
• Fire Engineering Services
• Pump station Designs
• Engineering Project Management



Our certified energy managers provides a systems approach to your building by integrating energy and water solutions to deliver a bespoke solution.


Our highly qualified and experienced engineering team places the focus on resource conservation, minimising utility dependence and ultimately cost savings, while our clients have permanent access to the energy they need. We provide qualified

energy audits, re commissioning of systems and smart building solutions that maximises the energy saving components of your building by identifying parasitic systems and eliminating wasteful usage. We also provide a tailored renewable energy solution for commercial, industrial and residential buildings

• Energy Assessments
• Waste Assessments
• Waste Cycle Assessments
• Energy and Water Benchmarking
• Smart Building Solutions

Building Power Reticulation
• Site Reticulation & Lighting
• Data Cabling and Local Area Network Systems
• Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems
• PABX and Telephone Installations
• Lightning Protection & Earthing Systems
• M.V. and H.V Power Distribution
• Fire Detection, Evacuation Systems and Public Address
• Intercom, Call Centre and Communication Systems
• Hospital Theatre, ICU and Recovery Systems
• Power Factor Corrections
• Emergency Power
• Transmission & Distribution
• Lifts, Hoists and Escalators
• Security and Access Control

• Architectural Services
Fire Protection Plans
Rational Fire Designs
• Audit Services
Fire Protection Audits
Risk Assessments Audits